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Celtics’ Jeff Green: ‘I Hope’ Hometown Redskins Don’t Change Nickname

D.C.-area native (and Boston Celtics forward) Jeff Green voices his support of the Redskins in an interview with the Boston Herald. Green noted, “I mean, I really have no say in it, but the Redskins has been a trademark name in the NFL for a long time now. It’d be hard to let the name go. I don’t call any shots, but I’d definitely miss the name."

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Why the Washington Redskins Should Keep Their Name

In this post blogger Alex Constini argues that forcing the Redskins violates First Amendment rights and does nothing to improve the lives of Native Americans: "And what is America going to get out of the Redskins potentially changing their name? Changing the name won't do anything to help the Native American community. Changing the name of the Redskins will only please the politically correct anti-democracy crusaders who want to take away your freedom and my freedom."

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Team names: Why take offense where none is intended?

A Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial explains how "no reasonable person on either side can believe that Indian imagery has been adopted in most such cases with the intention of degrading or insulting anyone. Team images are used for just the opposite reason — to inspire emulation of all the desirable qualities associated with the images."

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Redskins name change ‘festered by liberals,’ Billy Kilmer says

Looking ahead to the Redskins vs. Vikings game, Minnesota’s Pioneer Press reported on the overwhelming support for the team name and logo from Redskins and Viking alumni. Former Redskin (and Viking) Brad Johnson said, "I've never thought of it as a bad term. I thought of it as a great NFL franchise. Like at Florida State with the Seminoles, I would think (Native Americans) would be celebrated by having their name and their logo. I hope it works itself out. I would hate for them to change it.”

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In Arizona, a Navajo high school emerges as a defender of the Washington Redskins

In a front page story, The Washington Post reports of the overwhelming support the Redskins receive from the Native American families at Red Mesa High School.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says Redskins name ‘is one of pride’

The Washington Post reports on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones voiced his support for the Redskins team name in a radio interview, saying, “I know that it’s not in any way meant to denigrate the Redskins, or the Washington team, or what it represents. It’s like Cowboys to me. And I think we should all feel that way about it. It’s a great part of the tradition of the league.”

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The Media Bubble, Redskins Edition

Tired of liberal media pushing its agenda on the Redskins? You’re not alone. This editorial for The Washington Free Beacon reports that despite the constant hammering of the Redskins team name by sports press, support for the team name is on the rise. The Free Beacon explains this reaction with, “I get the sense that sports fans are pretty sick and tired of being lectured on issues that are either entirely unrelated to sports (say, gun control) or, at best, marginally related to sports (the level of political correctness of a team name).” We couldn’t agree more.

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Elite Media Fail – Only 14% Want Redskins to Change Name

More and more Americans are rallying behind the Redskins to support the team name and logo. Breitbart reports on a recent AP/Gfk poll that found only 14% of Americans want the Redskins to change their name. To put that statistic in perspective the article explains, "Fourteen-percent might as well be zero. A recent poll found that 19% of Americans were willing to consider the idea that space aliens were behind the disappearance of Flight 370.”

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FCC Redskins Issue Draws Strong Reader Reaction

Radio World reports on the reader outrage to the FCC asserting itself in the Redskins debate, calling it an infringement on First Amendment rights. Reader Fred Morton writes, “This is insane. The FCC has absolutely no business telling a business owner what he can or can’t call his team. If the public (his customers) have an issue with the name, then that’s something else entirely. The public can complain and force him to change if it's deemed necessary.

A profile in courage: Redskins’ Daniel Snyder

Nationally-syndicated talk show host and author Steve Deace gives a strong defense of Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s commitment to keeping the Redskins name and tradition intact. Deace cites the recent Sports Illustrated poll that found 79 percent of Americans approve of the team name and don’t want to see it changed. He quips, "Given those numbers, ‘ Redskins' might be the only popular name inside the beltway these days."

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