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Fans, non-fans say ‘Redskins’ should stay

CBS affiliate WUSA 9 launched a viewer survey that found that fans and non-fans alike believe that the Redskins should keep their name. Furthermore, an overwhelming 72 percent of respondents said that the media should use the Redskins name when referring to the team.

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Six Reasons the Campaign to Change the Redskins’ Name Isn’t Working

This Washingtonian article outlines six key reasons why supporters of the Redskins will ultimately triumph in keeping the team name and logo. We’re proud of our Redskins tradition and know that it will take more than a few loud naysayers to take that tradition away.
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Marco Rubio: Redskins’ Owner Shouldn’t be ‘Forced’ to Change Team Name

In an recent podcast of ESPN’s “Capital Games” Sen. Marco Rubio spoke out against politicians speaking out against the Washington Redskins team name, saying owner Dan Snyder “in no way should be forced” to change it. Rubio cautioned that Congress should be concerned with more important things than overseeing professional sports.
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U.S. Interior Secretary finds Native Americans not offended by Redskins name

During an interview at Acadia National Park, U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told ABC News’ David Kerley that Native Americans feel the Washington Redskins name is a non-issue. This sentiment is consistent with ESPN’s recent poll that found 71 percent of Americans support the team name.
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Redskins Controversy ‘Not High’ on Native American Agenda, Says Interior Secretary

Time reports on an ABC interview with U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell whose agency oversees the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After interviewing tribal leaders, Jewell found that the debate about the Washington Redskins team name is not a non-issue: “In talking with tribal leaders, this has not been the issue that they have talked about with me…certainly there are a lot of people who have pride in that team.”
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Why Rochester’s newspaper won’t stop using ‘Redskins’

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the Rochester Post-Bulletin will continue to use the Redskins name in sports coverage and believes other journalists should not take sides on the issue. Post-Bulletin managing editor Jay Furst noted that the paper aims to keep “the line between opinions and news coverage bright and clear” and expands on that notion, saying, “Our credibility is our most precious asset. Our mission in the news pages is to be fair, accurate and straight down the middle, avoiding any appearance of being influenced by outside pressures.”
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Majority of Americans Don’t Want Redskins To Change Their Name

The Washington Free Beacon reports that despite the aggressive campaigns to discredit the Redskins team name, the majority of Americans are not in favor of changing the name—even when polls skew negatively. A Redskins spokesperson credited the fan base and rich tradition in maintaining public support of the Redskins, “The ESPN poll methodology is obviously skewed negatively but it still shows three to four times more support for keeping the name.

Robert Doore Redskins are Helping Address Real Issues

In this clip, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” interviews Robert Doore, a member of the Blackfoot Nation. Doore notes that unlike team detractors who are just talking abstractly about the feelings and problems of Native Americans, the Redskins are helping address real issues within Native American communities, “It’s time we stop talking, start doing, and the Redskins are doing.”
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Dan Snyder: Look at the History

In this clip from ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” Redskins owner Dan Snyder encourages football fans to look at the history and tradition of the Redskins name: “It means honor, it means respect; it means pride. It’s that simple.”
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Chris Cooley Visited Reservations for Background

In this interview clip, former Redskins player Chris Cooley shares why he began visiting Reservations to speak with Native Americans directly in order to understand the potency of the Redskins team name.
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