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Why is there a ‘Redskins Pride’ Caucus?

The Washington Post reports on the Redskins Pride Caucus, a bipartisan group of legislators who came together to give a voice to Redskins fans and fight the misinformation being circulated. Virginia state Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax City), a member of the caucus, noted, “I grew up in this community, and I grew up as a huge Redskins fan. I’ve been a season-ticket holder since 1999. I believe in the team, I believe in what it represents in our community.

The Power of Pride and Honor: Blackfeet Tribal Member Describes The Power of 'Redskins'

The Washington Redskins pride themselves in a diverse and passionate fan base that comes together in support of the team on and off the field. One such fan is Robert Rides at the Door, a Blackfeet Tribe member, who sees the Redskins as a path to healing for First Nations people. He wrote this great blog post – you can read the full post here.

The Redskins appreciate the support of Native Americans like Robert Rides at the Door and all of our other fans who recognize the importance of the spirit and traditions embodied in our team name.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder: 'We've got to help' Indian Country

During an interview with Chris Cooley, former Washington tight end, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said Monday that he was moved by what he found on visits to Indian Country and claimed that's why he started a foundation to help tribes on reservations across the country. "What I did see that got me and touched me and really moved me, and I think you know because you've visited a lot of reservations yourself, is the plight of Native Americans. Things that people don't talk about."
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Gov. McAuliffe’s opinion about nickname hinges on economics

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) reaffirmed his support of the Washington Redskins and its name during his training camp visit: “Listen, I’ve continuously said it is not up to a governor to tell a private business what to do with their business. I’m about growing our economy, diversifying our economy. I’m not in the business of telling private businesses what to do.”
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McAuliffe: Economy trumps Redskins name covers Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D) recent remarks in support of the Washington Redskins and the economic prosperity the team brings to the state: “Sure, people will do the decisions they’re going to do. I come at this as the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am the chief jobs creation officer. My job is to grow the economy and I have a team here that is growing the economy. All the players live in Virginia. Most of the season tickets I’m told are Virginians. Everyone comes at it from a different perspective.

Redskins give $200,000 playground to Montana tribe

The Washington Redskins’ Original Americans Foundation is working closely with the Chippewa Cree Tribe to provide community development by bringing a new playground to the Rocky Boy’s Reservation and delivering 300 iPads to local schools. Chippewa Cree drinking water coordinator, Dustin White noted, “Diabetes is rampant across Indian country. This playground will get kids away from their video games and playing outside. And we can thank the foundation for that.”
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Fan poll: Don’t drop Redskins name

From Politico: A majority of D.C.-area residents do not want to see the Washington Redskins name changed, according to a new poll.

Sixty-five percent of those polled rejected calls for the NFL team to change its name, according to a poll by the Republican-leaning firm Vox Populi, released Wednesday. Thirty percent said the name should be changed.
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“…the vast majority of fans do not find the team name offensive.”

According to a new poll by Vox Populi Polling, 65 percent of NFL fans reject changing the name with 83 percent of Redskins fans agreeing that the name is not offensive. According to a spokeswoman for the firm, “Despite calls from some to change the Redskins’ namesake, the vast majority of fans do not find the team name offensive. In another sign of support, the majority of Washington, DC fans would not purchase new team merchandise if the Redskins changed their name.”
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New Mexicans say Washington should stick with Redskins

A recent poll by the Albuquerque Journal found that 71 percent of New Mexicans polled said the Washington Redskins should keep its historic name. According to the report there was no statistically significant difference found in response among Hispanic, Anglo and Native American respondents. The result align with recent national polls including a December 2013 survey that found 71 percent of those surveyed thought the team should keep its name.
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“…the team symbolized America and the American Dream to many of us who aspired to immigrate to the U.S.”

In a column published in The Roanoke Times, Virginia House of Delegate member David I. Ramadan explains why he’s co-chairing the bi-partisan Redskins Pride Caucus. Simply put, Delegate Ramadan explains, “I was a Redskins fan before I immigrated to the United States. Back in the 1980s in Beirut, Lebanon, I followed and cheered the Redskins; the team symbolized America and the American Dream to many of us who aspired to immigrate to the U.S.”
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