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About Us is a growing online community of passionate Washington Redskins fans and others who support the team’s use of its name and logo.

We know the debate over the name “Redskins” has been contentious for years, and we don’t seek to inflame or antagonize anyone. We’re simply interested in presenting historical evidence to fair-minded opinion leaders on both sides of the issue so ongoing discussions can be constructive.

We believe that the team’s name and logo represent the very best of the noble qualities exemplified by Native Americans, and we hope this website will continue to be a reference point for everyone with a vested interest in the future of the Washington Redskins’ identity.

Here are just a few of our prominent supporters and sponsors:

Alumni Captains

  • Gary Clark
  • Chris Cooley
  • Roy Jefferson
  • Sonny Jurgensen
  • Billy Kilmer
  • Mark Moseley
  • Clinton Portis
  • Ray Schoenke
  • George Starke
  • Joe Theismann