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Chief Zee will be missed

A Redskins fan remembers Zema Williams, a.k.a. Chief Zee.
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"Critics Can't Ignore Poll Results"

Washington Post columnist reverses stance on name change.
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Washington Post poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins name

A new poll conducted by the Washington Post found that 9 in 10 Native Americans are not offended by the Redskins name. “The Washington Redskins team, our fans and community have always believed our name represents honor, respect and pride,” team owner Daniel Snyder said in a statement. “Today’s Washington Post polling shows Native Americans agree. We are gratified by this overwhelming support from the Native American community, and the team will proudly carry the Redskins name.”
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Redskins foundation gave $3.7 million to more than 20 tribes

The Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation gave $3.7 million over its first year of existence, helping 20 tribes in need of assistance with items like vans, computers and winter coats. Arlen Quetawki, the former Pueblo of Zuni governor, could think of no one who had done more for his people.
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Oklahoma School District Votes in Favor of Keeping Redskins Mascot

After an overwhelming outpouring of support for keeping the name, a school board in Oklahoma has voted to retain its Redskins mascot. Once the community was notified of the potential mascot change, it was noted that a board meeting was “packed with so many supporters of the name, that not all those who wished to attend could even get in the front door.”

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Native Americans Join Legal Battle to Protect Redskins Trademark

Several Native Americans joined together to file an amicus brief urging the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the cancellation of the Redskins' trademarks. The group notes that “The term “redskins” carried uniformly positive connotations for Native Americans at its inception. The word was first used by Native Americans to describe themselves. The color red also had positive associations linked to red clay, to warriors’ position of social respect within particular tribes, and to the natural powers of the body.”

A copy of the brief can be found here.

Redskins continue fight to protect trademark

The federal government is trying to strip the Washington Redskins of their trademark. But Redskins lawyers are fighting back, asking how the government can allow federal trademark registrations for truly offensive entities and deny Washington their protection? Redskins lawyers continue their argument by saying the government cannot reject a registration without infringing on First Amendment rights.

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Adidas hypocritical in new program aimed at ending Native American team names

Adidas is going after high schools with team names honoring Native Americans, but at the same time makes hundreds of millions of dollars selling uniforms to teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and the Golden State Warriors, while profiting off sales of fan apparel for the Cleveland Indians, Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves and many other like-named teams.

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LA Times Editorial says 'Redskins' issue isn't a matter for the government

The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board writes that the government should stay out of the Redskins name issue. "The legitimate mission of the Patent and Trademark Office is to regulate intellectual property rights by determining whether a name or symbol is original and distinctive. It shouldn't be in the business of choosing among trademarks on the basis of offensiveness. The 4th Circuit should recognize that fact and leave the debate over “Redskins” to the court of public opinion."

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The Voters Have Spoken: Keep the Name

A recent poll of Virginia voters asked which NFL team is their favorite and whether the Redskins should change their name. On the first question, the Redskins came in with 28% of the vote – more than the Cowboys, Packers, Panthers and Ravens combined. The response to the second question was overwhelmingly positive, with 66% supporting keeping the Redskins name. It’s great to see that a large number of Virginia voters are fans of the Redskins and strongly support a team name that represents history, honor and pride.

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